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ACen, Blue Cards, and Poopcakes

Almost on cue, I had a weird pre-con dream last night. All I can remember now was needing to get some item for my dad. The item turned out to be some blue metal data card that was noticeably heavy. It was also somewhat worn. I got the card from a dealer in the dealers room. The card was very important. So much so that I remember choking and threatening more bodily harm to someone who had tried to trick it out of me. I told him, “A joke is a joke, but sometimes it goes too far! If you don’t give it back, I’m really going to hurt you!” The dialogue in my dreams could use some work.

The same dealer, I think, also had these pastries that I knew were not of Earthly origin. They were made by these creatures that poop out cake. Yeah, poopcakes. Apparently, some people couldn’t get over this fact and derided me a bit as I ate the cake. The cake itself was just so so. It could have been sweeter and the chocolate was a little flat.

Near the end of the dream, I remember looking down and seeing that I was in my Stocking cosplay. I wanted to be sure to strike a good pose for someone taking a picture.

Ohayocon Dreams

A week until Ohayocon and I just had the weirdest dream yet. In it I’m at the con and there are all of these people in costumes waiting for opening ceremonies to begin. Oddly enough this kind of morphs into a scene on an open field with lots of people dressed as Roman soldiers with shields and spears.

The opening begins and these masses rush off in one direction. I, ever the contrarian, and some others rush off in the direction of (my impression anyway) the dealers room. But we are in fact rushing towards a group of long horned cattle in a pasture. Beyond the cattle are tents and a stream or lake. I remember getting past the cattle and to the water where I encountered some other people who I feel were adversaries in some deadly game. This all then dissolves into some hide and seek in some massive collection of bookshelves.

I have no idea what this means and despite the visuals, in the dream itself I felt like it was the anime convention I’m preparing for next week. These weird dreams always precede my con adventures. Maybe all of the stress of finishing up cosplays has something to do with it. I’m always worried I’ll forget some critical piece or totally fail in some embarrassing manner.

I did spend some time today test fitting my Stocking cosplay. In particular, I needed to figure out the best way to attach the sash bow. Cosplay requires a lot of testing. One should never wait until the convention to try on a new costume. Often problems are not solved until you put the thing on so you can see exactly what you’re up against. And now that I’ll be unable to return to my hotel easily, things have got to be spot on for the whole day. Fortunately, the test fitting was good and I came up with a good way to put on and secure the bow.

One week to go! My fun tank is kinda empty right now so I cannot wait to fill it up again!