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AMKE Mission Scrubbed

Sadly, I had to cancel my Anime Milwaukee trip this weekend. Just too many unexpected repair bills. At the time, canceling felt like the responsible thing to do and now I can go to my oldest son’s birthday party, which had been scheduled after I’d made my original plans. Despite all of that, I’m feeling rather depressed and I feel like this sacrifice is unrecognized and unappreciated. But I suppose that’s what makes it a sacrifice. The worst feeling though is that an important part of me is being stuffed back into the closet. I guess cosplay has become an important creative outlet for me, perhaps the biggest reason I go to cons at all. Oh well, my other me will just have to wait until C2E2 and ACen in April.

AMKE Approaches!

Laverne and ShirleyYeah, I’m waaaaay behind on my writing, but it’s all good! Anime Milwaukee is coming up next weekend! I’m not really sure what to expect. Some friends went last year and seemed to have a good time. So when I saw the AMKE table at Kollision Con, I started making plans to go. Besides, Milwaukee is a short 90 minute drive from Chicago. And having missed Youmacon and Ohayocon, I’ve been trying to fill my con void with smaller cons leading up to C2E2 and Anime Central in April.

No new cosplays planned, just bringing out some old faves, that I haven’t quite decided on yet. I’ve pretty much settled into one new cosplay per year now. And this year I want to continue focusing on cosplays I’ve always wanted to do. So I’ve got Sailor Mars in the works and maybe one or two more in the works over 2012-2013. You never know which con/cosplay will be your last, and I don’t want to have any regrets when that day comes!