The Search For Lindze

Looks like the Sunday that just ended was a bit more active than I would have expected from the beginning, but that could just be all of the caffeine from the tea I’ve been drinking… Anyway, the things one finds on impulsive searches amaze me. I was watching Adult Swim and got curious about the woman doing the bump and grind promoting Aqua Teen Hunger Force, so I hit the AS boards and learned that her name is Lindze. A little googling lead to some video of the commercials currently playing, but it also lead to this! I really gotta stop with these quizzes!

xcnYou’re Spring. You usually are very close-knitwith your friends and value every friendshipyou have. You’re a real people person andeveryone loves how friendly you are. You’regood with encouraging people but usually don’tlike to be the center of attention. You are asocial butterfly and probably are in severalcircles of friends but it’s just because you’rewell liked and you make people comfortable.You’re both fun and wise but you are veryrealistic about life.(If you can’t see thepics, go to my homepage and look near thebottom and find your result)

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