YouTube, Crossdressing, and AMVs

Last month I finished up a new anime music video (AMV) to enter in Yaoi-con’s AMV contest. Making an AMV is challenging enough, but making a shonen ai themed one added an extra degree of difficulty. I don’t know if it made the finals yet, but I’m pretty happy with, and it is apparently rather popular with crossdressing enthusiasts on YouTube!

A few months ago, YouTube introduced the Insight tool which allows video creators to learn something about the people viewing their creations. You can see things like what countries your video is popular in, age and gender demographics of viewers, and the search terms used to find your video.

My new video, Nando Mo Hime-chan, uses clips from the anime series Princess Princess which features a trio of crossdressing boys, the Princesses. Apparently it was my use of the term “crossdressing” that directed a large number of viewers to the video shortly after I posted it. Even now, nearly a month later, about 25% of viewers come across the video after searching for videos pertaining to crossdressing. The data also shows that 75% of viewers of the video are males spread evenly from the teen years to the 60’s, while female viewers are primarily teenagers.

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