Sponge Bob Oh Why? Why?

Well I had the displeasure of seeing Sponge Bob Squarepants The Movie with the kids yesterday. Oh the being with the kids part was great, it was the movie itself that, well, sucked! The basic problem was the lack of the really funny stuff that the Sponge Bob fan has come to  expect from the TV show. As one of my young ones put it, "there wasn’t enough funny, it just made me giggle." So if you absolutely must spend money on Sponge Bob then please click here! I’d have saved a lot of money that way. One bright spot was the introduction of Mindy the mermaid princess, I just love かわいい characters! 🙂 (かわいい is kawaii which roughly translates as really cute. Why use it here? Well it really fits, and because I can! Heh heh heh….)