A Series of Unfortunate Events, How Fortunate!

The oldest kids are out of school today for the holidays, so the annual question of what to do with them during this time arose once more. Fortunately, I decided to take them to see A Series of Unfortunate Events which was, quite fortunately, quite good. And since this was the first show today, it did not cost….a fortune… Okay, enough of that!

My oldest daughter (11) is quite a fan of the series of books on which the movie is based and was not disappointed. She did point out many of the differences between the movie and the books, but by the gleeful look on her face, none of these were show stoppers. Her younger brother and sister, who have not read the books, also enjoyed the show. The acting is good and the movie is well cast. I hope that we’ll see more Emily Browning in future roles. She’s gorgeous! And she has a lot of potential.

I haven’t read other reviews of the movie, but as an adult who has not, forgive me, read the books, I think it’s a good movie. It has a surrealistic, storybook feel to it, that just felt right from the bits I know about the books. And Jim Carrey is perfectly cast as the evil/hammy/campy Count Olaf. The trick for adults watching this is to not take things too seriously, which was easy for me since I take very little seriously! The only warning I would give is to those, who like Indiana Jones, are afraid of snakes. There are some scenes that feature a lot of snakes, but the snakes are not doing anything too scary except for one brief scene that is handled brilliantly (no spoiler here!).

So I give it two thumbs up, which, of course, are all of the thumbs I have! 🙂