Invasion of the Pocky!

During a provisions run for this past week’s hospital drama, I had the pleasure of finding that Pocky is now on sale at the Dominick’s on Roosevelt Road. Oh joy! In just a couple of short years, Pocky has gone from that special treat only to be found (by me at least) at anime conventions and Mitsuwa Martketplace, to being nearly mainstream in the Asian foods aisle of the local grocer! With only chocolate and strawberry, it isn’t quite a full scale Pocky invasion just yet, but I for one still welcome our new Pocky Overlords!

One thought on “Invasion of the Pocky!”

  1. *waves* I love pockey too! if you go to the Richwell Market on Canal and 18th Street, they have a bunch of pockey… with different flavors too ^.^

    luck to your pockey adventure

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