Uhura Would Be Proud…Maybe…

Out on Michigan avenue these days, there appear to be two kinds of cyborg. There are what I’ll call the “iBorgs” with their nearly implanted digital music players, usually iPods. And there are the “cellBorgs” with their cell phones seemingly glued to one ear or the other. Well lately the cellBorgs appear to have received an important upgrade. These upgraded cellBorgs now have a small earphone and mike combo that just sits conveniently in the ear, leaving both hands free for other activities and actually looking a lot cooler (or dorkier depending on your taste). Some of these are wired to the� cellphone, the one pictured below use a Bluetooth� remote unit to connect to the phone. Pretty cool in my opinion, but still the thought of walking down the street appearing to talk to oneself is not an appealing one.

I wonder how many of these people realize that Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura was wearing a similar piece of headgear long before many of them were born! Once again life imitates art.

Uhura with Earpiece

Okay, I suppose other people have noticed this before, but heck, I just wanted an excuse to post some Uhura pics. I met her at a Star Trek convention many years ago, kinda reminded me of my mom! Here’s one last pic for good measure.

Uhura Smiling