It’s Official, GTA Has Pr0n

The ESRB has rerated Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as AO, Adults Only, due to the sex minigame recently discovered (not created!) by hackers. All along I’ve thought that the code was probably left in there locked away because it would be too much trouble to rip it out and fix any code dependencies and still ship on time. And heck, if it was discovered, so what? It’s just more sales, right? But after actually seeing a film clip of the Hot Coffee minigame, I think Rockstar must have been crazy to let this slide!

As crazy as it may seem, most of those gun-toting, Bible thumping, conservative Americans may actually have a point this time. The sex scene is definitely pornographic in the cinematic sense, i.e. it features everything you might see in a porn film. As soon as the girlfriend went down on him, it became X-rated and the other positions just slammed the ball out of the park (no bukkake though!), even though the guy keeps his clothes on the whole time. Generally, I prefer sex to violence, but in a strange twisted way many Americans have real problems with sex. Heck, a lot of Americans think most of the sexual positions in the Hot Coffee minigame are evil!

Now I don’t want the government to get involved in this, but clearly a major QA breakdown occured with GTA. Even locked away, you simply cannot take the chance that content like this is going to be found. If they want to make hentai games, fine, but don’t ship something like this in a game that you know a lot of kids are likely to be playing. Showing porn to kids is illegal in Illinois and probably other states as well under statutory rape provisions. So I guess Rockstar had better prepare for the inevitable lawsuits now.

Oh well, on the bright side, I guess that makes GTA: San Andreas a bit of a collector’s item now having been officially recalled now. But I don’t know how much collector’s value there is in something that has millions of copies out there already.

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  1. In all fairness, I think it is enough of a strike against this game in that the parents don’t have "full disclosure" of what the contents are. Liberals are all the time chiding conservatives for how they should "live and let live" and then just "monitor their own children’s media intake". But this is even harder if there isn’t truth in packaging.

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