James Doohan Passes Away

When I saw the news today that James Doohan, best known for his portrayal of Scotty on Star Trek, had passed away at 85, my first thought was, "Wow! He had a good long run!" I then emailed the story to my friend Mark who is also Trek fan. Later I began to think about how much Doohan’s portrayal of the always harried, miracle working engineer of the Enterprise had influenced the path I have taken in my life. I don’t have any stories about how Scotty saved my life (for me that would be Spock and Jesus), but the can-do, fix anything attitude that permeates much of my outlook on life probably has its origins in Scotty’s engine room. For that I raise a virtual bottle of scotch and drink a toast to the finest engineer in Starfleet! Thank you Mr. Doohan for bringing him to life for me.